no answers…questions

Today I’m very overwhelmed.  I go…on and on and on, doing and pressing and trying to become…what?  What is it that I’m trying to prove and who am I trying to prove it to?  The fact that I don’t have the answer to this question is very telling.  Am I trying to out run myself, my past, my fear, my destiny?  I really can’t say..all I know is that I cannot stop!  I am the purveyor of possibility and positivity and yet today I feel anything but.  Do my feelings really matter?  And if they don’t matter to me will they matter to anyone else?  I say all the time that you teach people how to treat you.  Have I taught the people in my life that they are more important than I am?  Have I taught them that their needs and desires are more important than mine? Or have I placed my destiny and my calling over and above my feelings of tiredness and yes (sometimes) loneliness and anger and (even) hopelessness?  I don’t have an answer for any of this.  I just know that whatever the answer is, today is not the day that I will find it.  Perhaps I’m not looking for answers at all…maybe I’m looking for the right questions.


~ by Diva2de on March 30, 2017.

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