No More

It has been rumored that #Empire is debating using “the ‘n’word” in its dialogue to add more authenticity.  I love that show, but I will stop watching it with the quickness if that happens.  Here’s the thing, that word is offensive I don’t  care who uses it.  I’m not comfortable with it in music, I was not comfortable when it was used on TV back in the day when there was nobody on who looked like me and I would not be comfortable with it on TV if the person using it does look like me.  It’s a word designed to strip me of dignity and humanity.  I am angered by the SAE video that surfaced from OU.  Based on the lyrics (which reference hanging from a tree) this song is steeped in tradition (even if only for that chapter).  Kudos to the national President for acting swiftly.  But we can’t be angry about that and not be angry about the use of this word in music.  In my opinion, NOBODY gets a pass with this word.  Nobody!  Yesterday as I entered the bastion of southern consumerism (Wal-mart), I heard loud music coming from a booming system in a big black ford truck and I heard that one word.  The kid behind the wheel was white.  How can we expect other people not to call us what we continue to call ourselves? It is time for us to realize that this word is unacceptable in EVERY arena and aspect of our lives.  Point blank.  Period!


~ by Diva2de on March 9, 2015.

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