Nobody Taught Me to Quit

*Having a bad day.  Needed a reminder*


Nobody Taught Me to Quit


My mother taught me to love words.  She was a fascinating story teller.

She knew the power of humor to diffuse conflict.  She was generous and

her door was always open.  She taught me to share what I have

even if it’s little.  She showed me by her example that it’s never to late

for self improvement.  She didn’t teach me how to quit.


My daddy taught me the value of hard work as he worked to provide

not only material things, but love. Because he values me as a daughter

he showed me my own worth. He says a handshake is an indication

of character, confidence and honesty.  He says “every tub gotta stand on its own

bottom”.  He didn’t teach me how to quit.


My grandmother taught me about music, the beauty of lyrics

the magic of melody to soothe and calm.  She taught me the power

of praise and the value of faith. I learned resilience from watching

her defy doctor’s predictions of her demise.  She said, “You don’t have to

chase a if a man wants you, he’ll find you.”  She didn’t teach me how to quit.


I stand at the crossroads of a difficult journey unsure of which way to turn

but one thing that is certain, back is not it.  I’ve learned many valuable lessons

in this life but nobody taught me how to quit.


~ by Diva2de on July 2, 2014.

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