What is your name?

There have been many times that I’ve been lead to do something, but it was something difficult which destroyed my notion of a comfort zone. I would balk at that thing because I didn’t want to suffer or be ostracized.  I have been getting the same message for at least the last 3 years.  Leave your job and use your gifts.  I didn’t.  At least not voluntarily.  Now, I really have no choice.  When you try to run from your destiny it has a way of finding you…I went to visit my daughter who just had her third child.  I love being a Nana.  While I was there i went out onto the deck to meditate early saturday morning.  The air was cool and crisp after the rain.  I could hear small woodland creatures scurrying near by. The birds were chattering up a storm.  It sounded like one bird in particular was asking me a question.  “Whatsiyourname, whatisyourname, whatisyourname.”  In my focused and quieted mind I began to answer that question, with the name that I was given at birth.  It was as if the bird said, “No, that’s not your name.  Whatisyourname, whatisyourname, whatisyourNAME?”  In that quiet place from the depths of my soul and the core of my being I heard the answer:  My name is DIVA.  My name is Diva because I am Delivered from the power of sin and the pain of the past.  I am Inspired by the gift that He put in me for His glory, I am Victorious because of the blood of Jesus and I am Anointed to speak and to write the words that He gives me.  And then, from that quiet place came a command.  Go then, and be that DIVA that you are meant to be.


~ by Diva2de on June 29, 2014.

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