The new semester has started out with some interesting twists.  My poetry group SISTAHS, will be opening for a very famous poet next semester, we will also be performing at Duke University.  I’m so excited about opening for one of my (s)hero’s in poetry that i could just…well pee.  Our group is expanding and we have had a few more members join,  We are in the process of putting together our one hour show and that is very exciting.  My new roommates are fantastic.  While they are younger than the ones i have before they are more mature, which only goes to prove that wisdom doesn’t necessarily come with age.  Two of my new roomies had and encounter with one of the old one and it turns out the whole six degrees of separation is not that far off.  It went something like this:

Old roommate:  You live in this building?  New Roommate:  Yeah.  O.R.:  What floor?   N.R.: Second.   O.R:.  What room?  N.R. gives room number.  Old Roommate:  Oh so you live with (insert my name)?  N.R.:  Yeah.  O.R:  Does she live like a normal person? N.R:  (a little confused) Yeah.  O.R.:  Do you like her?

My new roommate knew the old roommate because they are both on the rugby team.  Apparently the old roommate is not very popular on the rugby team.  It’s interesting that the old roommates thought I wasn’t a normal person because I didn’t come out of my room.  Why would I when they were living here?  They were nasty, snotty and not at all welcoming.  My mama didn’t raise no fool and my grandma taught me that if you feed people with a long-handled spoon they can’t get close to you.  I have to admit that there was no love lost between me and the old roommates.  I didn’t like them anymore than they liked me so I didn’t interact with them.  I don’t believe in being fake.  The new roommates?  We get along really well and talk often.  They even convinced me to start getting up early in the morning and going to the gym.  We go together.  Thank God for new roommates!


~ by Diva2de on August 29, 2013.

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