Call me racist…

Still trying to get this algebra monkey off my back.  So here I am in this class with freshmen and transfer students.  Nothing wrong with either, I have been both, but have you ever been in class or a meeting or any type of social gathering where there was that person who knows it all and is more than willing to let everybody else know it?  That guy sat down next to me on the first day.  Not only does he know it all and want everybody else in the room to know that he knows, he wants to engage you in conversation.  Now algebra is not  the place for me to be social.  It requires all of my concentration.  This professor has a strong accent, so that ramps up the need to pay close attention.  The class is at capacity which is upwards of 50 people, which increases that chatter factor.  Yesterday, Mr. Know it all comes in just as the professor began to lecture, and loudly interrupts.  He didn’t just go and sit down but felt that what he had to say was so important that he needed to command the full attention of the professor as he loudly whispered some situation involving his mother.  When he finally took his seat next to me he continued with vocal outbursts.  Then his phone rang loudly.  If that were not enough of a disruption he proceeded to advise all and sundry that it was his mother and he needed to take it because she pays his tuition.  He exits the classroom and engages in conversation with his mother.  There is a wave of uncomfortable laughter as the professor continues with the lecture.  Mr. Know it all reenters the room with a another vocal outburst, and then asks another student who sits near the door to trade seats with him as him mother is probably going to call back but he will put his phone on vibrate, and he is sorry that he disturbed the class.  As the professor gets back into the lecture with examples on the board Mr. know it all continues with vocal outbursts, but I’m relieved that he’s not right beside me anymore.  Then the professor says that once you know which method to use to solve a specific equation it’s easy.  Mr. Know it all interjects with “Call me racist, but I don’t think a Chinese guy she be saying that this stuff is easy.” I don’t think I was the only one in shock at the blatant insensitivity of his remark because the classroom went completely silent.  First of all the professor is not Chinese he is Vietnamese, secondly how rude! I was offended such that my concentration was broken and I couldn’t hear anything else that was said.  To his credit the professor was un-phased by the whole thing, and continued as if this was just an ordinary occurrence.  I’m faced with this dilemma, do I say something to the instructor about how distracting this guy is?  Do I complain to the chair of the department?  Do I report his comment to the proper entity on a campus that claims to have a zero tolerance policy for racism?  Do I try to talk to the cause of the distraction and let him know that he is one, because he seems not to be aware that he is a distraction.  Will that hurt his feelings?  Is all of this just a distraction to keep me from focusing on a subject that has weighed me down like a monkey on my back since I was in the 4th grade?  i don’t know the answer to any of that but I do know this.  I’m not going to allow Mr. Know it all or anybody else including m self prevent me for conquering this particular giant once and for all.  Point blank.  Period.


~ by Diva2de on August 24, 2013.

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