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And so here I am again up at “so late til it’s early”, having just finished reading the preface of a text-book whose title is “Creativity and Madness”. It states that “creativity…is the highest level of reaction to injury…Instead of being paralyzed or beaten by their psychological problems, artists wrestle with the problems and use the conflicts and torments as elements of the creative process.”  Although this course, the creative process, is a creative writing course, the text-book is written from a psychological standpoint.  Which is interesting because my major is psychology and my minor is creative writing. Is it coincidence that last night I pondered the issue of creativity, insomnia and madness, and tonight  I read that (in so many words) creativity is indeed connected to crazy?  I think not.  Since my grandmother passed away I’ve been very introspective, looking  for the resolution to the conflicts that I’ve run away from for so long.  Perhaps the time has come to fully shake off the cloak of convention and embrace the unconventionality that is myself.  My fifty year old, dorm dwelling, tattoo having, eye-brow pierced, poetry writing, sermon preaching, late-night reading, insomnia having, wonderfully, crazy creative self, and in the words of T.I. Featuring Rhianna “Live my life, ay-ay, ay-ay, ay-ay…”


~ by Diva2de on August 21, 2013.

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