Regardless of the verdict

I’ve tried to remain silent on the murder of Trayvon Martin.  I have not watched the trial much because it’s too upsetting to me.  As the mother of a son (who had to teach him certain things about confrontations with people who don’t look like him because it could cause the end of his life)  I understand all too well what it’s like to have the life expectancy of your teenage son at issue.  Thankfully, my son lived through his teenage years.  Regardless of the verdict there are certain things that are true whether or not people consider them facts.

!.  George Zimmerman had absolutely no authority in this situation to do anything other than observe and report.  He had no authority to confront, detain or shoot, yet he did.  Even after he was advised not to.  Why, then, should Trayvon Martin have been expected to comply with the requests of a random stranger?  It doesn’t matter if Martin had an attitude.  What 17 year old doesn’t have an attitude?  He was walking home on a dark rainy night and found that he was being followed by a stranger.  Anyone who feels that Zimmerman was somehow justified in his actions, would have to believe that Martin somehow had less rights as a citizen to be walking down the street, any street, at night.  Regardless of whether or not there had been break-ins in the neighborhood,regardless of whether or not Trayvon had marijuana in his system, if it is believed that Martin didn’t have a right to be walking down that street that night, then that is an indication that he had less rights than any other citizen.  The question that we should be asking is why, it would be believed that Martin had less rights.

2.  People believe what they want to believe and what helps them sleep at night. There has been a picture of a rapper who is obviously older, tougher, more solidly built and “tatted up” that has been passed around the internet to  mostly white audiences with the caption “The Real Trayvon”.  People are willing to believe that this is “the real” Trayvon Martin because it fits into the stereotype that the media perpetuates about young black men.  I’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of hate and vitriol spewed regarding race and the lack of equality in this country.  People  justify their hate by saying  “they” and “you people” and feel that it’s okay for other people to be treated as lesser citizens because of some (usually antiquated and unfounded) belief that they have about people who don’t look like them.

3.  The four-minute issue.  The four-minute issue would not have been an issue if George Zimmerman had simply stayed in his car.  If He had stayed in his car as he was instructed by the 911 operator, Trayvon Martin would have had the opportunity to celebrate his 18th birthday, his parents and siblings would still have him in their lives.  George Zimmerman would not have had all the issues in his life that he’s had since he took the law into his own hands and killed a teenager.

4.  Trayvon Martin was fighting for his life.  Any one of us, walking home at night, being followed, feeling threatened and discovering that the person following us had a gun would have fought for our lives as well.  If anyone was standing their ground it was Trayvon Martin.

Regardless of the verdict  a young man will never see another birthday, Christmas, Mother’s day.  He will never have the chance to graduate from High School or go to college.  George Zimmerman is responsible for that.  That is not going to change regardless of the verdict.


~ by Diva2de on July 13, 2013.

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