When I returned to my room today I found a note on the bathroom mirror that said “I think it would be helpful if we take turns cleaning the bathroom. Good luck w/finals!!” Now I have to admit that I was a bit miffed. Number one, if you have something that you want to say to me you can just knock on my door and address me directly. After all we are (supposed to be) reasonable adults. Second, writing a note and leaving it on the bathroom mirrow is akin to playing knock knock zoom zoom. That’s a kids game where they knock on the door and run away. This is the same roommate that has been nothing but nice nasty since I moved in. [Nice nasty is when someone is fake. They pretend to like you when they really don’t.] The same roommate who has hosted several drunken twenty-first birthday parties. The same roommate who doesn’t know how to clean out a bathtub because I am the one who cleaned all the mold out of the tub when i got there. the same roommate who, on election night made the comment “all the Obama supporters will be out partying all night since they don’t have jobs to go to.” The same roommate who tries to control everything and everybody. News flash little girl, you cannot control me. I would’ve preferred to address her directly but since I couldn’t I found her email address and sent her the following:

while I understand where you are trying to go with your note regarding cleaning the bathroom, I don’t think it is necessary to take turns cleaning if we each clean after ourselves… I would prefer if you wanted to discuss something with me that you would talk to me as we are two reasonable adults. Since you chose to leave a note I will respond in kind.
When I got back to the room after my study session (I started writing this last night), the note had been removed from the mirror. I have already had my time cleaning up behind children. I raised three. I think her issue is that she needs to be in control of her environment to feel comfortable. She did tell me once of the problems she had with an alcoholic mother and a step mother that was very mean to her. I feel for her, I really do but I am not the one to try to control. The only evidence that I live there other than my towel and wash cloth in the bathroom exists behind the door that says 204d. I’m trying not to treat them like children (even though that’s what they are), but this little girl is really asking for it!

~ by Diva2de on May 2, 2013.

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