Random writing rationalizations

Everyday that I come to this blog and I see that people are reading my crazy, disjointed and often narcissistic thoughts, I am continuously surprised.   I was told often and emphatically  throughout my life that nobody really wanted to hear what I had to say.  That never stopped me from wanting, no, needing to write.  I write because my head fills with all these thoughts and some of them make sense and some of them don’t.  Sometimes just writing them down makes me feel better.  Like straightening out a closet that has gotten junky because you never have time to hang anything up.  Just like that closet the more you hang things up the more things you discover that you’d forgotten about.  I also write because I love words.  I write because I feel that something that comes out of my crazy brain might help somebody else who is going through or has gone through some of the same things.  I am currently working on a book that I just decided would be a good idea to write.  It’s called  I Walk on the Grass: 50 things it took me 50 years to learn.  I just thought, why not.  As I sit around the UPP(erman Center) with all my new young friends it seems that they find some value and perhaps comfort in some of the craziness that comes out of my mouth.  I think I’m doing it mostly for them.  People my age probably don’t want to hear it anyway but who cares.  Now that I’m fifty I feel like I can do what ever I want.  Well that was extremely randomly rambling!  So to all the folks who read this blog and find something of value, thank you for your time.  Maybe i will post a link to the book when I’m finished.  I don’t know how long that’s gonna take since I have to go to summer school!  Oh well off to bed I go.


~ by Diva2de on April 12, 2013.

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