Twenty Five: The Sequel

Today I am 50, or as my daddy would say hafahunndut.  I am so grateful. I look back over my life and am reminded of all the people that I started out with who are no longer here.  Cousins, high school friends, famous people, infamous people, never made it to fifty.  I know that I am blessed.  I don’t demand that everyone agree with the fact that I am blessed.  You can call it whatever you want.  I know that it is divine favor from the Father.  Once again, my grandmother, even though she declared “I think this is it”, has almost fully recovered.  When I went to see her in the hospital on Tuesday i felt like I was seeing what she would look like in her casket.  Her skin was a dull gray, her cheeks were sunken, her eyes were cloudy.  When she said that she was ready, i started to try to let go emotionally (something I’m not sure is possible). Still I prayed, Father if it is Your will bring her back, if not let her transition be smooth.  When I went to see her yesterday, here cheeks were rosy, her eyes were alert, she was sitting up in the bed doing word search puzzles.  She had her dentures in and she was talking.  Modern medicine or modern miracle?  I would lean more on the side of miracle.  Every time she experiences this type of medical trauma the medical staff tells us to prepare for her departure.  One time they even told us in the emergency room that there was no need to move her to a room.  That she wouldn’t even last another hour.  That was last year.  God is real people.  And for more awesome awesomeness, my grandson in officially on his way.  I talked to my daughter and she told me that she’s dilated. (Labor has begun).  My only order of business on this, my 50th birthday, is to go to where she is and hold her hand and wipe her brow and do anything I can to help her through this turning point in her life.  It’s interesting, my son just turned 25 on the 19th.  My grandson, whether he comes today or not, will be 50 years younger than me.  I have started writing my next book.  I walk on the grass: 50 things it took me 50 years to learn. Of course it’s a little tongue in cheek but there will be moments of profundity.  I’m so grateful to be alive.  I finally feel like a grown up.  That means that I don’t care if people think I’m ugly or fat or my breath stinks or my hair is ugly or I’m behaving inappropriately.  After 50 years I realize that I’m not some failed science experiment.  I was created on purpose, with a purpose.  Time to really get busy!


~ by Diva2de on March 21, 2013.

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