Laundry day

Some days i’m overwhelmed by laundry.  It’s not the laundry itself.  I’ve been doing laundry all my life.  I used to do laundry for nine people when it only cost a dime to dry.  When my kids were small i did laundry almost every day.  I would spend hours on laundry. Fold and iron and hang up and put away and lay out clothes for the week.  So why am I sometimes overwhelmed by laundry? Hair.  I am unaccustomed to having blond hair all over everything I own.   Most of what I own is black.  It’s mostly for practical reasons.  As a minister in training I have to wear a lot of black.  It’s practical to have pieces in my wardrobe that are interchangeable   Initially I thought this might be a racial thing and I was a little disappointed in myself, but I discovered that it’s not racial.  It’s just being out of my comfort zone.  I don’t have blond hair, nobody in my family growing up had blond hair. I’m just not used to it.  But then, who is comfortable with things that they aren’t used to?  Maybe it’s not so much the hair as it is something that belongs to someone else all over me.  I don’t like seeing somebody else’s hair in my underwear drawer. It becomes attached  to my pants, i find it on my bed in the refrigerator.  It kinda creeps me out.  I understand that I live with three other people and we all use the same washing machine and dryer.  So naturally there will be a transfer of hair.  I think it’s more than the hair.  It’s the blatant disregard for other people.  But what would I expect from kids less than half my age?  They don’t know how to clean up behind themselves.  They start laundry and then leave it in the washing machine until it starts to smell and then leave things in the dryer.  So what do I do?  I don’t want to be mean and just throw their stuff on the sofa, so I put it in the dryer and then If they still don’t get it I put it in my clothes basket.  Then I get mad at myself!  I am not here to be somebody’s  maid or Mama.  I have raised my children.  I’m not here to raise these girls or to wash fold and dry their clothes!  I go into the bathroom and the shower is not cleaned.  I have to clean it before i get in, and then when I get out.  It just gets on my nerves!


~ by Diva2de on March 18, 2013.

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