Tech tac toe

Yesterday I was rather busy from one activity to another.  I don’t have a car charger for my phone and it died.  Not that yellow line that tells you that you need to charge your phone soon or it will die, but that little sliver of red that says, “That’s it, I’m shutting down!”  Here was my dilemma:  The charger that I have at home is frayed and works sporadically.  Yesterday it too said, “That’s it!  I don’t work here anymore!”  So my phone was completely dead and I had no charger.  I use my phone for my alarm clock, my calendar, my schedule reminder.  Everything I need to save or remember is in my phone!  On top of that my daughter is pregnant and due this month (next week).  I didn’t even know what time it was because I depend on my phone for that too.  I always talk about how technology keeps people from connecting with each other, and didn’t acknowledge that I am one of the biggest offenders!  So, for my next trick, I am going to have to wean myself from my cell phone.  When I was at my churches district conference, there was a Pastor who takes mission trips to Africa and reported to us that the mineral Coltan (columbite–tantalite)  which is mined in the republic of Congo can be cited as the cause of much conflict in that region.  This mineral helps sustain an electrical charge.  Because of the value of this mineral and the desire to mine it, 50 woman are raped an hour in the Congo.  This tactic is to terrify the villagers so that they will move away.  This heinous act is perpetrated on girls as young as 4 years old.  I was moved by the story of the struggle of the women who are suffering because of this mineral.  So much so that I’ve volunteered to go on the next trip.  What I realized today though, is that my dependence on my cellphone could be hurting someone else.  Maybe that seems extreme, but maybe not so extreme.  How often do we take the time to consider that our comfort and convenience may be at the cost of someone else’s?


~ by Diva2de on March 11, 2013.

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