Didn’t I dump you?

A couple of months ago I dumped a guy.  I was angry and I dumped him in a very mean way.  I was cool with that.  I didn’t care that I hurt his feelings.  I felt he deserved to have his fragile feelings hurt.  I knew his feelings were fragile and I was mad at myself for trying to preserve his ego while i was sorta seeing him.  It wasn’t even really a relationship.  He was just something to do.  I understand how this sounds from the woman who says that she just wants to make a positive impact on the lives of others for the kingdom of God. That is the reason that I felt bad.  My dumping of this guy was definitely done with malice and forethought.  So, I recently  contacted him and apologized for doing it in such a mean way.  Why does he now think that he can pick up from where I dumped him?  No brutha you still dumped.  Sometimes it’s better to leave things where they are.


~ by Diva2de on February 27, 2013.

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