I’ve been in the library since before 6pm.  I had 8 algebra questions.  Word problems.  I’m just getting finished.  It’s after 9.  I know that I can do this but it is really a struggle.  Just when I think I’ve got it something goes terribly wrong and before I know it I’ve got a mess on the paper and the wrong answer.  Sometimes I wonder if I can change my major to something that doesn’t have to have any numbers associated with it.  But that’s the cowards way, and I’m anything but that.  I’m extremely frustrated and wishing that the prince of Algebra would ride up on his white parabola and scoop me up with his magic protractor and whisper sweet inequalities in my ear that forever change the way I think and I become the goddess of numbers and all things mathematical come as easily to me as words and I begin to speak in formulas and equations begin to sound like poetry to me.  And i wish that wishing really could make it so, and then I would be on the other side of my degree working on my masters in creative writing that doesn’t require any math classes.  *Heavy sign*  It’s times like this that I almost wish it was in me to give up…almost.  I guess I’ll be back in the library tomorrow night.


~ by Diva2de on January 29, 2013.

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