Lipsync, so What!

I’m really gonna have to weigh in on this Beyonce lip sync “controversy”.  It’s really not a controversy first of all.  While I am not a Beyonce calibre singer I do sing, and I can tell you that singing outside is difficult on a sunny day, on a cold windy day?  Not a good idea.  Again I sing but I’m not a singer, my daughter who is a voice teacher (yes she gets paid for it) said the following: “Number one it is commonly done for big events.  This was the President’s Inauguration.  Yes, it was the National Anthem and everybody knows it, but it was also a different arrangement.  Number two, it was cold outside.  While Kelly Clarkson sang live, that’s fine, they are two different people.  Number three, who cares?  She’s still the baddest chick in the game! All the people trying to make a big deal out of it are probably not singers anyway.”  While my daughter may not be famous she is a singer and performs in several musicals a year.  Just last year she performed in Rocky Horror Show, A Christmas Carol, and The Color Purple.  This year she is performing in Dream Girls, and Once on this Island.  That just takes us up to may there’s no telling what else she may do.  Her opinion matters because she is a music professional.  Lip-syncing for big events is not a big deal.  Beyonce is a wonderful singer and performer.  If her voice had cracked, or she had in some other way been less than stellar, she really wouldn’t be able to catch a break.  We all know it was her voice, her instrument which she makes her living with and she takes care of it the way she deems necessary.  Clearly she was singing along with the track.  and anyway like my daughter said, she’s still “the baddest chick in the game”.  So all non singers trying to stir up controversy go somewhere and sit down!


~ by Diva2de on January 24, 2013.

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