I H8 Shopping

Today I was reminded of why I hate shopping.  I don’t go shopping often because I’ve finally gotten my life under control (as much as depends on me) and I now live within my means.  Today, it was within my means to go shopping.  I was thoroughly disgusted with my shopping experience today.  Nothing new happened.  It’s the same thing that always happens when I (or most people who look like me) go shopping.  It wasn’t bad when I was in the clothing department, but just as soon as I got to jewelry and purses, I started to notice that every time I looked up there was an elf-like lady watching me.  Of course when I look up she pretended not to be looking at me.  Some would say well, she was just doing her job.  Perhaps it was not the fact that she was doing her job but the way she chose to do it.  She didn’t come up and ask me if I needed assistance, she didn’t say anything to me at all.  She just followed me at a close distance and then showed her face every time I picked up something to look at it.  It was costume jewelry.  I’d pick up something just so she would pop out from her hiding place like a jack in the box.  I finally grew tired of the game that she didn’t realize she was playing with me.  I left the store and as I was walking through the mall another lady came out of a store just in front of me.  I don’t think she noticed me as she stepped out.  No biggie, it happens.  I guess she noticed that there was some one walking in close proximity to her, and when she looked over her shoulder and saw that it was me I could tell that she was startled.  She then peeked over he shoulder periodically all the way to the parking lot, clutching her purse. When I was a little kid we weren’t allowed to try on shoes in the stores.  My mother would trace my foot on a piece of paper and take it to the store.  Back then we didn’t have much of a choice and it was dangerous for us to say anything. That day is over.  When I was a little older and things had changed, these folks would have gotten a very large, verbose, sarcastic piece of my mind.  I don’t do that anymore. Now I make my statement economically.  I keep my money in my pocket.


~ by Diva2de on January 5, 2013.

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