Already am…

Today I had the last class of the semester.  So now I prepare for finals.  I only have 2 finals, one for an online class, in which I will have to apply the concepts learned in  industrial psychology  to a theoretical or real company (we’ll see how that goes).  I’m doing ok in that class with an average of 80%.  The other is multicultural psychology which I’m also doing well in but would really like to end the semester strong with an A on the final.  (Gotta start putting in work tonight).  I can’t believe how fast this semester has gone by.  What I realized is that I have 1 semester and two summer sessions between me and graduation.  I can’t even look ahead that far because it will make me so excited that…well i just don’t know.  Finishing my degree has been a dream of mine since the death of the smart, funny, ready to take on the world girl I was in 1981 when I entered NCCU as a freshman (  It’s amazing that at hafahundut (as my daddy says which translated from daddyism means half a hundred) I feel like I’m reconnecting with that fresh-faced girl who I thought was dead. She’s not.  She’s been living inside me all along, just biding her time,  working yucky jobs  and enduring the hardships and raising children struggling and overcoming and becoming who I am now.  I can’t get past this lump in my throat that I feel when realize that  I can relax, and ride the moments like a rollercoaster.  And I can be silly, and dance  in my underwear if I want to, and cry at commercials and I can love God by loving His people, and I can finally stop holding my breath and waiting… I am who I’ve been trying to be.  I always was.


~ by Diva2de on December 5, 2012.

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