on purpose

I enjoyed thanksgiving very much.  It was great spending time with the grandbabies and the two of my kids that were here.  I have no intention to flout convention, however…I wanna try something different.  The first 49 years of my life i have been more concerned with the needs and wants of others sometimes to the detriment of my own wants and needs.  I realize that we were created to care for others.  It’s my job as a Christian to esteem others more highly than myself.  I guess I’m starting to feel that life is passing me by.  Things that i’ve always wanted to do have gone undone for a long time and i have no idea how long i’m going to live (although I have asked God for 105 years).  It’s time for me to start working on some of those things, like seeing the sparking blue water of the Caribbean, the Swiss alps, the Motherland.  I want to go to a Sandals Resort & Spa and have a hot stone massage (I hear it really rocks).  I want to hear Jamaican Patoi at it’s unadulterated source.  I want to go on a safari in the Serengeti and look through binoculars at a lion (notice the binoculars).  My point is, I don’t want to wake up one day in a nursing home and look over at my teeth in a jar and realize that I gave up on those dreams.This year has been filled with so many transitions for me that I’ve finally realized that you can’t go around letting life happen to you.  You have to live with purpose on purpose.


~ by Diva2de on November 23, 2012.

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