Writing exercises

Early this morning I published my first full length novel.  It was truly a labor of love.  I fell in love with these characters and there will be more from them for sure.  I don’t even remember when I started writing I just know that it has always been a way for me to understand myself and the world around me and has always kept me from going insane.  Believe me I have a lot of reasons to go insane.  Just about anything that could happen to a woman who could drive her crazy has happened to me.  I don’t say that in jest but in truth.  I always point back to the blue diary with the brass keys that I got for my 12th birthday as the starting point for my writing but the truth is I was writing long before that.  I started making up stories probably before i could write.  It’s easier to deal with life if you are able to put some distance with yourself and your reality.  I do that i two ways.  I make up stories that end the way that I want them to, and the things that I don’t want to deal with I write them into someone else’s life.  Writing is a catharsis for me.  I’m able to look at my problems my issues my deficiencies, put them on paper, gain an understanding and them release them.  So things.  Not everything.  Somethings I still have to ponder and write and re-write.  Somethings I will never understand no matter how many times I write them or edit them or rewrite them.  But each time I do it I get a little closer to understanding, and a little closer to myself.  Writing is the exercise I use to build my character.


~ by Diva2de on October 9, 2012.

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