My first weeken…

My first weekend in “non-traditional student housing” since they all came back.  Not too terrible.  There was a bit of loud music, but nothing unbearable.  I can’t get over the feeling the eventually someone is going to knock on my door and say, “I’m sorry ma’am, you’re just too old to be here.  You have to leave.”  Ok so I know that’s not going to happen but the feeling plagues me a bit.  I feel a little awkward at times, but then, I’ve been feeling that way since I started going back to school.  I’m usually older than every one in the class and most of my instructors.  I got used to that, so I can get used to this.  What I can’t get used to is the fact that these little girls don’t clean up behind themselves.  Well that’s not true, I can get over that too. They are after half my age and it will take them twice as long to learn some of the life lessons that I’ve learned.  In the meantime, as long as they respect me I will respect them and we will be fine.( I had to get my own fridge because they don’t know how to share).  One thing I won’t do is clean up after them.  If they leave something out of place it will stay there until they move it.  I didn’t come here to be anybody’s mama or maid! 


~ by Diva2de on August 20, 2012.

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