The only thing that makes me feel dumb…

Math is the only thing that makes me feel dumb. 

I’m trying very hard to complete this summer math readiness program that will prevent me from having to take the pre-algebra course next semester (which starts in a couple of weeks), so that I can go on to the algebra class which is a prerequisite for declaring my major and the last 3 courses i need to graduate with a degree in psychology.  It started when I was in the fourth grade.  I’d always been a straight A student.  A C? forget about it!  I would have a meltdown if I got a B. Then when I got to the 4th grade we were doing fractions and I missed school for a couple of days because I was sick.  My teacher would not go back and teach me what I missed because she said she was not going to “go back just for one student”.  Since that day all those years ago I have struggled with math.  I’m intimidated by it, it makes me anxious and I feel defeated.  Sometimes I blame it on that fact that I’m a “word nerd”.  I do fine with words of any kind, but put me in front of numbers and all my confidence goes out the window.  I refuse to allow an incident with an insensitive teacher that happened in the 4th grade continue to adversely effect my life. So, like with anything else that has been a challenge in my life, I will not give up!  In the mean time, if you follow this blog and you have some tips on how to help me get past this “math thing” it would be greatly appreciated.  I have 10 tests to complete in this math readiness course.  I’m currently at #6 which is (of course) fractions with numbers AND LETTERS!  I’m so confused…math still makes me feel dumb.


~ by Diva2de on August 9, 2012.

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