Who gives a Hair?

Gabrielle Douglas (whose last name scrambled is USA GOLD) is the first African American Female to win a the Gymnastics All Around Gold Medal.  She is a focused young lady who is not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Dubbed the “flying squirrel” because of the way she swings between those uneven parallel bars, she is poised and very humble.  So why in the world are people so concerned with her hair?  I’ll tell you why.  Too many African American women are still imprisoned by the belief that you have to be light skinned with straight hair to be beautiful.  There is even a myth that black women don’t work out because we don’t want to “sweat out” our hair.  While there may be some black women who have used that as an excuse, they are he exception and not th rule.  There are black women of all shapes, sizes, ages and hair textures that workout on a regular basis.  The real issue is not sweat.  The real issue is that there are some black women who are too insecure to wear their hair natural and they are intimidated by those of us who have accepted ourselves enough to let it be what it is.  God, in His infinite wisdom, created people with different complexions and different hair textures.  He created some tall and some short and some fat and some skinny.  The real deal behind all the people criticizing Gabby for her hair is simple if you don’t love yoursef, then you don’t love anything that looks like you.  Gabby Douglas has worked hard to get where she is.  She has made her country proud.  The Majority of African Americans are proud of her and support her.  Those who are obsessed with her hair are just haters.  “Haterade” is a bitter drink.

Congratulations Gabby!  Continue to let God use you.


~ by Diva2de on August 4, 2012.

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