Kevin vs. Goliath

I’m having a really hard time with pretense.  Perhaps it is because I find myself in a position that pretense is useless.  The facade that I covered my existence in has been irreparably shattered and I no longer have the energy nor the desire to put it back together.  There was recently (yesterday as a matter of fact) an article in the local newspaper about the “David vs Goliath” theater situation that I blogged about previously.  The newspaper article pointed out that Techmoja is a black theater company with predominantly black actors and “Goliath” is a theater company that is predominantly white and does shows that cast mostly white actors.  They didn’t ask the right question.  The right question is, “Why is this predominantly white theater company that does shows with mostly white actors (occasionally they have black actors but rarely in principle roles) doing The Color Purple”.  The answer is simple.  They assumed that The Choreographer and Artistic Director of Techmoja Dance and Theater Company, Kevin Lee-y Green would simply go along to get along and choreograph their show and bring along the actors that usually do Techmoja shows.  Not So.  Personally, I don’t want to pretend that everything is hunky dory because in my opinion what”Goliath” did was despicable and everybody should know it.  Contrary to what the article in the Wilmington Star News said, they knew that Techmoja was doing The Color Purple.  They just didn’t care. They should really read up on that story about David and Goliath.  Even though Goliath was bigger and stronger, David had God on his side… I’m just saying


~ by Diva2de on July 25, 2012.

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