This morning when I was on my way to school I saw two motorcycles pull up to the light beside each other.  I knew immediately that they were going to race.  The first guy was shorter.  The second comes up and he’s got his feet on the ground holding the bike up.  The shorter guy starts to stretch both his legs out.  He sat up a little taller.  They had a brief conversation.  The light changed.  The shorter guy took off.  The taller guy took off a little slower.  He let the shorter guy get a little ahead of him then he gunned it and beat “Shorty” to the light.  Again they stopped side by side.  I knew at the next light change it was going to be an all out war. Sure enough they took off like their lives depended on it.  All I could do was pray that they didn’t kill themselves.  Men are so testosterony!


~ by Diva2de on April 18, 2012.

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