Feeling some type of way…

I’m feeling some type of way about this whole birther movement.  When was the last time a sitting president was raked over the coals about his citizenship?  Never that’s the last time.  I will be the first to agree that people have freedom of speech and a right to believe what they choose to believe but come on!  It’s time we call this whole thing what it really is.  RACISM.  President Obama is the only president to have taken office with a deficit the size of the government and he is still castigated about government spending.  Who spent the surplus that was left by the Clinton administration? President Obama’s confidence is continuously called arrogance by his detractors.  He is belittled for his use of a teleprompter.  Who memorized every speech they give?  And exactly where do “they” want to take America back from?  I’ve heard commentators and pundits refer to him as “Obama” disrespecting the pomp and circumstance and respect that the office of PRESIDENT is due.  And even after he showed his “long form” birth certificate there are still those who want to insinuate that it’s not authentic.  And let’s not talk about the whole Bin Laden issue.  So many campaigned on the assumption that the president’s lack of military experience would prevent him from being able to make difficult decisions when it comes to the military.  Well he proved that wrong and for some it’s still not enough.  President Barak Obama, is the president of the united states.  He was elected by the people.  He is doing the best he can with a government that was already a mess when he took office.  He loves and respects this country and the rights of it’s citizens to hate and disrespect him.  I’m proud of the President of the United States because he is doing a great job.  It doesn’t matter if he’s black or white, because quite frankly, he’s both.  Let’s get over the race thing already!


~ by Diva2de on May 5, 2011.

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